Can You Steam Iron Silk?

Can You Steam Iron Silk?

Silk is considered one of the most luxurious fabrics the world over. It’s soft and gives an incredible feel to any type of clothing or fabric. But as lavish as it feels, the amount of maintenance it requires is also high. 

Keeping silk wrinkle-free is a pretty tough job as it gets crumpled very quickly, but it’s not impossible. Most people prefer to send it for laundering instead of ironing it by themselves because it requires special treatment and handling.

Adding to that, the high cost of getting silk clothing laundered every time can be reduced if you understand how to iron them at home. For those who cannot press silk clothes at home, we do have an alternative to steam ironing, which is pretty easy to do.

Can Silk Clothes be Steam Ironed?

Yes, we can. But you need to iron it systematically, not in the casual manner that is used to iron clothes made of other fabrics. You would need to learn the specific techniques to iron it without damaging it.

How to Iron Silk Clothing and Garments?

To successfully iron those garments, you must use irons that have settings and features catering to silk fabric as well. These days, most modern irons come with a setting for Silk, which can be turned on before you start to iron the dress/garment.

The iron plate should also be clean so that while ironing, no dirt gets stuck on it. It’s not easy to remove dirt from silk fabric without crumbling it. The iron plate (iron should not be turned on) can be easily cleaned with water and baking soda mixture. 

What is the Ideal Temperature to Press Silk Fabric?

Ideally, the temperature should be low enough because high heat will ruin the fabric badly. You can keep it at around 300 degrees F to get the optimum warmth. Test it on another piece of cloth before putting on the silk.

One most vital point to keep in mind while ironing silk fabric is to keep it damp, neither wet nor completely dry, just a little damp; that can also be done with the help of steam iron, which sprinkles steam jets to keep the cloth moist. 

How to Steam Iron Silk – A Quick Reference:

  • Pay attention to the temperature before ironing out the whole garment. High heat will stick to it and tear the fabric.
  • Press the dress section-wise, and not in one flow. Try and keep the dress flat on a stable surface/ironing board for best results.
  • Since silk can dampen a little after ironing, it’s advised to hang it after shedding off the humidity.
  • Iron your silk clothes with a firm hand. Because the temperature is low, it requires a good grip, so the wrinkles are smoothened easily.
  • Focus more on the areas that are wrinkled instead of non-wrinkled ones. 

Every silk dress, be it a shirt or a blouse or scarves, should be ironed by following proper instructions because they all have different making and folds over them. Use a cotton cloth between the ironing board surface and the fabric to stick to it.

Related Q&A

Is Steaming or Ironing Silk Better?

Steaming works better as the fabric is terrific and delicate. It doesn’t require high heating. The lowest temperature on the steam irons works the best while pressing this material.

What are Some of the Ways a Steam Iron Can Help Silk Garments?

  • Ironing silk clothes by steam iron helps in the following manner:
  • It removes the creases quickly
  • It doesn’t contaminate the fabric because the steam doesn’t allow any pollution over the fabric
  • It keeps the fabric fresh, and the clothes look like new if the ironing is done right
  • Steam iron also helps avoid germs on the fabric. It presses the cloth, which does not leave any scope for bacteria to stick on it.


Steam irons are one of the best ways to iron silk clothing. It doesn’t allow the fabric to burn, unlike the normal iron, and retains its shine and elegance. Several steam irons come with settings for ironing silk fabric as well.

Once you iron these clothes, it’s essential to maintain them with care because it won’t take much time for them to wrinkle if kept carelessly. Steam irons let you enjoy crisp silk garments every time you chose to wear them.

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