Top 10 Best Travel Steam Iron Reviews – Wise Choices for Clothes & Garments

Do you travel a lot but would still want to maintain your garments clean and sparkling? You have to pick and make do with the best travel steam iron. This is a steam-operated iron that is smaller and compact enough to allow for on-the-go usage and applications.

Knowing all about the best travel steam iron is definitely highly called for as it is the only way to be able to appreciate the appliances better and make proper use of the same. We have dedicated the entire length and breadth of the article to just that. Take your time to read through for the necessary inspiration.

What Is Travel Steam Iron?

For a start, a travel iron is a compact and lighter fabric ironing device. Its purpose is to keep your garments sparkling while you are on the move. To let this happen, it is packed with loads of unique features like the foldable mechanism and the ergonomic features.

In many cases, this iron can fit nicely in the storage and travel bags. Some airlines also approve or allow it to be carried on board, a fact that goes a long way to be carried on board the airline. What more convenience can you possibly reap from the gadget?

Which Is the Best Travel Steam Iron to Buy?

Features to Look for in Picking the Best Travel Steam Irons

When seeking a suitable steam iron for your use, there are issues you have to care for. Below are some of the factors:

  • Shape and Size

The shape of the iron comes in as the topmost consideration. A good iron has to be compact and thinner in stature. These two are important as they expedite the handling and subsequent storage of the said gadget. Be sure also that the shape conforms to the available storage compartment. Plus, as you are on the move, you will prefer lightweight irons.

  • Automatic Shut-off Timer

An automatic shut-off timer comes in next. This is a feature that automatically shuts the iron off after staying idle for a predetermined duration of time. That way, it upholds your safety and at the same time prevents the iron from expending excess energy levels. In that way, it reduces your utility expenses.

  • Heating Time

The heating time refers to the amount of time that the iron takes to get hot enough to be able to spruce up your clothing attire. Needless to say, a nice iron has to take the least amount of time to heat up. You do not want to take too long to be able to have your way at all, do you?

  • Warranty

To shield yourself from the damages that come by after purchase, you need an iron that is similarly backed by a generous warranty. The warranty has to cover every bit and aspect of the iron to include such issues as the physical stature, the functionality, and other aspects of the gadget overall.

Quick Pick of the 10 Best Travel Steam Irons Available

How We Choose Our Recommended Selection Of Travel Steam Irons

To arrive at the most recommended selection of travel steam irons, we factored the following:

  • Brands

Many manufacturers are engaged in the production and distribution of these steam irons. Finding the most suitable one from the group of many is hence ordinarily a huge task. We have simplified this issue for you. The following are the most reliable brands we have around at present:

  • Sunbeam
  • Steamfast
  • Ivation No-Drip Mini
  • PurSteam NextGen
  • Rowenta
  • Hamilton Beach

The brands mentioned above are your go-to choices when you have no idea what to buy.

  • Price

The price comes in next. It is the amount of money for which the gadgets go in the market. A good steam iron ought to be affordable.

  • Reviews

It is always necessary to hear from those who have already attempted these steam irons before. They are better placed to provide you the insight and the psychological preparedness you need to appreciate these appliances further and make better use of the same thereafter. Skim the online auction sites to access the reviews and ratings.

Reviews of the 10 Best Travel Steam Iron on the Market

Having said that, here we have reviews of the most popular best travel steam irons you can find on the market. Read through and choose your favorite product.

1. Best Overall – Polardo Quality Lightweight Travel Steam Iron 

These are the best steam irons available for travel use. These products have a sleek and modern design that most people will fall for. In addition to that, they are professional, able to deal with any fabric, be it wool, cotton or satin. With them, you can easily sanitize and soften your clothes without doing harm to the garments. The water tank heats up in less than 25 seconds. More surprisingly, they can be used up-side-down, not causing any water leaks.


  • Ideal for any Fabric
  • Portable size for home and travel use
  • Automatic shutdown to rid you of safety concerns


  • Can be pricier

2. Best Folding Travel Iron – Naturalife Vertical No Drip Steamer with Auto Shut Off  

When traveling, you will want to take small but most versatile objects in case of any urgent needs. This is the one to keep all your clothes clean and tidy. They are folding, so take up as little space as possible. The water tank is 100ml (3.4 oz), meaning that they are helpful enough while not being too big. Plus, they are able to steam garments horizontally and vertically. Also, if left unused for 8 minutes or over-heated, the irons automatically shut off to prevent you from any incidents.


  • Folding design not taking up much space when traveling
  • Worldwide voltage 100-240V for convenience
  • Versatile for any fabric on your table clothes, sofas, toys, and much much more
  • Easily affordable price


  • Takes 40 seconds to heat up

3. Best Travel Garment Steamer – Hilife Portable for Multiple Purposes

These are by all means the most cost-efficient choice for travel steam irons. They won praise from almost all their users, speaking for their unprecedented quality. The 240 ml capacity and 700W power work together to offer you an ultimately pleasant and convenient ironing experience that lasts 14 to 16 minutes. They work not just on clothes but many other fabrics of your place, like bedding, curtains, toys, among all others. So, with this one simple gadget, you can keep your whole clothes free from wrinkles.


  • 7-in-1 versatile design for multiple purposes
  • Lightweight and portable travel size
  • 9 -foot cord for more freedom while ironing


  • Takes longer for small units to achieve desired results

4. Best Compact Travel Iron – Rowenta with Steamer Micro Stainless Steel Soleplate

Rowenta is one of the best brands when it comes to making steam irons. Therefore, as you may expect, these products are of high quality and various functions. The compact size, together with a handle that folds flat for storage, makes it easy to take the steamer when traveling, be it for business or for sightseeing. They offer a vertical-steam option and a dual-voltage switch to fit for different needs. The stainless soleplate is made to last.


  • 120V and 240V for travel use
  • Vertical option available
  • Stainless steel soleplate


  • 1-year limited warranty only

5. Best Lightweight Travel Iron – Utopia Home Small Size with Swivel Cord

The small size of these products is a real gem as you don’t need much effort to iron many clothes with it. These irons work perfectly well as described. The 200 mm water tank is adequate while not making the iron too large to carry when traveling. They can work vertically, which means you can use it to eliminate the wrinkles on your curtains so that your place look tidier. Plus, the variable steam control gives you control over the iron so you can make the best choice for different fabrics. Try these in person, or buy one for your grandparents, you will never be disappointed.


  • 360-degree swivel cord
  • Adjustable thermostat control
  • Able to work vertically


  • Non-retractable cord

6. Best Dual Voltage Travel Iron – Smagreho Non-Stick  Mini Steamer

These steam irons come with many considerate tips from the manufacturer. For example, there are three levels of temperatures for different fabrics, like low for silk, medium for wool, and high for cotton. The on/off setting frees you from plugging and unplugging the irons frequently. Plus, we love that they can function well for quilting retreats. You are not expecting any water dripping issues with these steamers. So, they can be a perfect choice for your pressing station.


  • Eye-catching red design
  • Allows steam and dry ironing
  • Comes with protective mesh for added convenience and protection


  • Can’t hold them upright to steam clothes on a hanger

7. Best Travel Clothes Steamer – PurSteam NextGen Small and Powerful 

PurSteam is also a go-to brand when selecting steam irons for travel purposes. But, of course, you are not using steamers only when you are out on travel. You will use it more at home. Therefore, this is the best pick whether you are in or outside your home. Despite the small size, it has 30% to 50% more steam than other products than come at twice the price. Only if you bring a plug adaptor, you can take the steamer wherever you go thanks to the dual voltage design.


  • Most cost-efficient choice
  • Anti-slip handle and non-stick soleplate
  • Fast & effective wrinkle remover
  • Adjusts for steam / non-steam


  • Controls are not so easy to read

8. Best Handheld Travel Clothes Steamer – Homelle Compact Portable Steam Iron

If you do not like the soleplate design,  then try such handheld steamers. They are really convenient when you are in a hurry as it takes them only 25 seconds to heat up the water tank while keeping the handheld cool and they produce fast dry steam too. Also, they work at any angle without irritating you with water spills. Make sure to get one for you or your friends.


  • Quality choice of more than 6,000 users
  • Auto shut-off design for safety
  • Fast dry steam available
  • Works at any angle


  • A bit more expensive

9. Best Travel Iron for Quilting – Dry or Steam Ironing with Ceramic Soleplate

These shrimpy items are good not just for storage reasons, but also for how it feels to hold them in your hands. These travel essentials come with a plastic measuring cup. It seems no big deal but adds convenience to your ironing experience. Also, courtesy of the quick-heat technology, these steam irons need only 15 seconds to heat up and work. But even if you are in a hurry, remember not to use the steamer to iron clothes you are wearing – this applies to all the steam irons.


  • 3 heat levels, quick to heat
  • Anti-drip design to avoid skin burns & water stains
  • Nonstick ceramic soleplate to protect your fabric


  • Lacks the auto-off function

10. Best Travel Steam Iron – Steamfast Professional Inexpensive 420W

The quality of products from Steamfast speaks for their brand name. It takes only 15 seconds to heat up the 1.4-ounce water tank to allow fast use. These products boast 1-touch steam control and 3 temperature settings. Therefore, you can adjust them for various fabrics. And a 7.5-foot power cord is offered for extra convenience. Plus, if you have any problems with the product, the 2-year warranty ensures good customer service.


  • 420 watts of power, enough for daily use
  • 1-touch steam control and 3 temperature settings
  • Comes with a free travel bag and plastic measuring cup


  • not steam vertically

How Much Does a Travel Iron Weigh?

A travel iron by its sheer nature is light and easier to haul around. That stems from the fact that it is entirely made for travel and on-the-go applications. Though there is no standard weight of these irons, a good one weighs no more than 1 pound.

Are Travel Irons Any Good?

YES, they are truly good! Below are some of the standard benefits that these irons confer to anyone who opts to use them:

  • Lighter and Ergonomic

These irons are lighter and ergonomic in nature. For this reason, they are a lot easier to carry around and deploy to the desired remote location of use. You will subsequently find them awesome for your on-the-go applications and other ventures that require you to travel a lot.

  • Highly Versatile

By their natures, these irons are highly versatile. They are able to discharge numerous roles that are related to the matters of ironing. Thanks to this versatile nature, the irons are able to discharge numerous roles and also yield higher returns on your investments. Allow us to add that they too conform to many environments.

  • Quite Durable

Owing to the extensive use of only premium materials to make the irons up, they are stronger and more durable. A number of benefits definitely accrue from these materials. For one, the irons hardly sustain damages as is the norm always. That makes them more comfortable to handle around.

  • Simpler to Use

Though they are tough and durable, these irons are relatively simpler to make do with. They do not demand too much expertise from you as is the norm with the many alternatives that exist at the moment. Thus, even someone with the bare minimum technical skills will find them handy.

  • Cost-effective

Overall, they are cost-effective in the sense that they cost less to operationalize while at the same time bring in comparatively more benefits. It hence goes that choosing to work with them is a sure way of suffering minimal losses while at the same time accruing many more benefits.

Check the Best Budget Travel Steam Iron for Dress Shirts.

  • Dual Voltage System (240V and 120V)
  • Shot of Steam feature presses out wrinkles and presses in creases
  • Indicator light that lets you know the iron is hot
  • Variable temperature controls heat setting offers flexibility for various fabric types
  • Soft touch handle and dial to provide extra comfort

Can I Use Travel Steam Iron For Home Use?

WHY NOT? These irons are ordinarily strong enough to serve the everyday home use well. Not only that but also are they lighter in weight and compact in size. This is not to mention that they also cost less and are hence relatively simpler to come by. Even an ordinary homeowner will find them easier to come by.

Can I Use It As a Steamer?

By their sheer designs travel irons are not designed for and subsequently ought not to be used as steamers. They are nonetheless able to accept steamers as accessories. To make them serve the role of the steamer, you want to purchase this accessory and attach it to the main iron compartment.

Who Needs Travel Steam Irons?

The following cadres of persons desperately need the travel irons:

  • Regular Travelers

A regular traveler is by far the most significant user of this kind of iron. As its designation implies, this iron is meant for those who are constantly on the go. This is thanks to its lightness and the ability to conform to many circumstances of regular travel needs.

  • Students

Students, more so those who are in a college setting, will also find these kinds of irons quite awesome for their needs. These irons are smaller, simpler, and light enough to use just about anywhere or whenever the need may so determine.

  • Starters

Have never attempted to make use of the irons before? The travel steam iron is the one to start out with. Being simpler in scope and functionality, it is better placed to get you on your feet. What is even more amazing is the fact that it hardly comprises sophisticated parts and components.

  • Poor Supply of Power

Do you live in an area where there is a poor supply of power? Yet again, choose the steam irons! They do not rely on the main power supply as is the norm with most efficient irons of their kinds. That makes them also good enough for the campsites as they are far detached from the mainstream.

  • General Home Use

We have stated repeatedly how that the steam irons are simple and versatile in equal measure. In lights of these, the irons are also awesome for general home use. You hence have them for your consideration if all you want is to equip yourself with an appliance that keeps your clothes clean.

Check the Best Professional Iron for Home Use.

  • STAINLESS-STEEL SOLEPLATE W/ PRECISION TIP - Easy gliding across different garments, smoothing hard-to-reach areas, and 1700-Watts of Power
  • 400+ STEAM HOLES WITH 35 G/MIN OF STEAM – Provide excellent steam distribution
  • EASY CONTROL THERMOSTAT KNOB – Easily select the ideal steam output based on fabric
  • USE TAP WATER TO IRON – Easily fill the iron with easy fill hole, anti-drip lid, and translucent water tank window
  • SAFETY COMES FIRST WITH ROWENTA – Automatic 3-way shut off system to prevent accidents
  • MADE IN GERMANY – German quality with stainless-steel soleplate, anti-calcium system for tap water use, and auto-cleaning system

Types Of Portable Travel Steam Irons

There are three main types of portable travel steam irons. These are:

  • Steam-only

As the name implies, this is an iron that emits steam only. Because of this, it is incapable of tackling other chores that equally matter. These are not your best bets as they have limited functionality and also tend not to impact many kinds of fabrics.

  • Dry-Steam Combination

This kind of iron is able to impact your clothes by use of steam or dry ironing. It is able to shuffle back and forth these two ends at a time. Thanks to this combination, you are sure that you won’t waste your time at all. At the same time, you will also enjoy the rare benefit of reduced operational time.

Buy the Best dry-Steam Travel Iron.

  • Fast-Heat: 1.4-ounce water tank heats up in 15 seconds,equipped with 1-touch steam control and 3 temperature settings for various fabric types to satisfied your needs.
  • Dry and steam ironing:Versatile for any type of fabric to effortlessly remove wrinkles in on time, makes you look more charming.
  • Dual Voltage: Sized and equipped for travel anywhere in the world, just switch between 100 and 240 volts.
  • Size for travel: Measures approximately 5.2 x 3 x 3.1 inches, including travel bag,plastic measuring cup and protective mesh for added convenience and protection.
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed: 1 year warranty, and lifetime friendly customer service.
  • Dry/Flat

A dry/flat iron is not so different from your traditional iron. Nonetheless, it comprises numerous improvements like the temperature controls. In its basic form, it comprises a flat soleplate, a sharp tip, and some curved ends. These irons tend to be more affordable than their modern counterparts.

Buy the Best Dry/Flat Travel Steam Iron.

  • Lightweight and ideal for travel; steam iron can be used vertically to steam clothes on hanger or to take out wrinkles from curtains and drapes
  • 200 millimeter of water tank makes adequate steam for clothes, drapes, and curtains
  • Use the steam iron as a dry iron for delicate fabrics without worrying about damaging the fabric
  • 360 degree swivel cord makes it more easier to iron or steam vertically without worrying about the cord tangling
  • Additional features include an adjustable thermostat control, overheat safety protection, non-stick soleplate, variable steam control

How To Take Care Of Your Travel Steam Iron

To see to it that your iron operates smoothly all the while, you no doubt have to take care of the same. This can only happen if you put in place the most suitable measures for the job. We highlight and delineate these measures here below for you:

  • Regular Inspection

You should see to it that you inspect your steam iron regularly. It is only through that way that you will be able to anticipate any issues and tackle them in a timely manner. During the inspection exercise, you will also get to fix the errors before the same escalate further.

  • Periodic Cleaning

As with any other piece of equipment, you have to cleanse your steam iron periodically. This has to happen preferably after each use and immediately after retrieving the same from storage. That way, you will get to eliminate all chaff that may potentially disparage the proper functioning of the gadget.

  • Tightening Screws

With use, the screws will usually pluck off or loosen. It is hence necessary that you tighten the screws preferably after each use. That will not only keep the irons in the best shapes but at the same time give you the peace of mind you need to devote the iron to good use.

  • Polishing the Base

In the course of time, the base of the iron will sustain corrosion and water damages. It is also necessary yet again to polish the base to eliminate these issues. That is because when they accumulate, they have the tendency to soil the garments and alter their physical appearances altogether.

  • Upgrading Parts and Components

To keep pace with the ongoing trends, you also need to upgrade the parts and components of the iron. Particularly, you have to seek and find the latest parts and accessories that may work well with the gadgets and improve their proper functioning. That will definitely up your convenience also.

Which Is the Best, a Travel Iron or a Travel Steamer?

A travel steamer is undoubtedly the better of the two options. That is because it incorporates the dual benefits of an ordinary iron and a steamer at the same time. Thus, by choosing to work with it, you stand to enjoy both ends while at the same time spend the same amount of money to acquire and operate them.


We bring our look into the best travel steam iron to and end there. Having struggled to do whatever we could, we only pass the buck to you now to carry on from where we have left. That definitely cannot mean anything else save for you to read through and implement the recommendations spelled out in the article.

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