Ultimate Guide on Buying the Best Steam Press for Shirts

A steam press machine is a home appliance that uses a combination of steam and pressure to dry and keep your garment in shape. This machine utilizes high pressure applied to your shirt fabric to remove any wrinkles leaving it straight and presentable. With the help of the heated steam, it leaves your garment dry and soft. The best steam press for shirts maintains your fabric and guarantees its durability.

Unlike using the conventional iron that uses plain heat, the steam press machines are easy to handle and give you professional results more so on your shirts. The best steam press machine is also usable on a shirt with unique materials that require you to follow strict guidelines for professional results. In the market, there are several different steam presses for your shirts.

What Is a Steam Press?

A steam press is a home press appliance used to remove wrinkles from clothes and maintain their shape and integrity. It uses a combination of steam and high pressure to perform. The steam press has a water compartment for holding water that is heated to produce steam. Then, the steam is emitted on to the fabric through the soleplate.

Which Is the Best Steam Press for Shirts on the Market?

Different Types Of Steam Press For a Shirt

When you are considering buying the best steam press for your shirt, there are three different steam press types you need to acquaint yourself with before the purchase. These types of steam press are as follows,

1. Immovable Tabletop

This model uses immovable tabletop iron presses that have a lid. When using steam iron presses, all you need to do is place the fabric inside. These steam presses machines are heavy and do not require long cords. As a result, the immovable table top is not portable. They also release continuous jets for 15 to 20 minutes that assist and straighten severe and stubborn wrinkles of your shirt.

2. Hand-Held Steam Press

This steam press machine is associated with lightweight and comes with portability advantages when using this steam press. Hand-held steam press is good with your shirt and other general clothes in your home. When using the device for an excellent result, ensure that you hang your garment on a hanger. In fulfilling their portability purpose with excellence, these devices come with long cords that help you navigate with ease as you work.

3. Table To Movable

This movable tabletop steam press is substantially heavy and has a lot of weighing. It is suitable for pressing shirts made of fabric like linen, silk, wool, and cotton. This steam press uses a hardboard that will assist you when pressing. You can also regulate the amount of heat you require as demanded by the shirt fabric’s manufacturer.

Quick Review of the Top 9 Best-Rated Steam Press for Shirts

Several Factors on Picking Best Steam Press for Shirts

With so many steam presses in the market, choosing the best steam press is challenging. For you to get the best, consider the following factors.

1. Safety Features

One of the essential factors you should consider when selecting a steam press for shirts is its safety features. Since this machine uses electricity or heat, ensuring its safety is mandatory.

One safety feature available in most of the presses is the auto turn-off feature that prevents the machine from overheating by turning it off after operating for a specific duration.

Also, some come with a locking handle that prevents children from injury. Consider a machine that comes with safety features.

2. Temperature Setting

Some steam presses have digital temperature controls that allow you to adjust. A presser with this feature will be the best because ironing temperature for shirts varies depending on the fabric. More robust fabric will require higher temperatures setting, while delicate fabrics will require low ironing temperature.

3. Weight

Weight is another vital factor you will have to consider, especially if you will not set the machine at a specific steam station. In this case, you will require a portable presser, but if you set it up in a specific place like in the utility room, then the weight won’t be an issue.

4. Size

The size of a steam press is also a crucial factor to consider. A more massive steam press will quickly get wrinkles out of your shirt with lesser time. However, a larger steam press will also need bigger storage space.

5. Price

The price range of steam presses varies depending on the size, brand, and features. The features you need and your budget will influence your choice.

Steam Press for Different Usages

1. T-Shirt Steam Press

Steam presses have more than one use to their owners. On your T-shirts, people in business use these machines to do excellent heat press printing work. To choose the best steam press for this job depends on the fabric you’re using. When doing screen printing, you require a lesser layout. As a result, using a press machine gives you a clam press that enables you to work well. There are several advantages associated with using a steam press on your t-shirts.

Benefits of Steam Press on A T-Shirt

  • Steam press machines are easy to learn and use. These machines require a small space in your shop and can perform many tasks.
  • Steam press machines are better when doing T-shirt printing, and their work is less messy and cannot be comparable with a screen printing machine that requires a lot of skills in dyes and solvents.
  • Using a steam press does not compromise your quality, and the time taken is less to complete your work.

For individuals willing to invest in a T-shirt printing business, a good heat press machine is a must-have product to consider buying. An excellent choice of the steam press machine you will find will worth buying will directly determine the quality of your work and customer satisfaction.

2. Dress Shirt Press Machine

Dress shirts require care when cleaning. It is essential to remove and treat stains that have accumulated over time. It would be best to look out for build-up areas such as collars, underarms, and cuffs. Use stain solutions before soaking the stained area in hot water.

After washing, adjust the steam press to the required temperature that will not harm your fabric. Ensure that the buttons are well taken care of to avoid damaging them.

Home Shirt Press VS. Portable Shirt Press

When using a home shirt press machine to iron, it gives your shirt a crispy and professional finish. This home cleaning appliance does not need a lengthy cord. It only requires you to choose permanent locations where you can access your sockets and then plug-in your machine. Also, as a result of their weight, this machine is not portable.

The home shirt iron comes with a soleplate ceramic that is nonstick and protects your shirt from scratches. They also have more significant water storage, with some models having up to two-liter water storage. Using this home appliance machine, you need a table or board to place your shirt while ironing.

On the other hand, a portable shirt press can be hand-held and are best for people who make long trips away from home. This machine comes with a lengthy cord that the user can use to access the electricity sockets. This portable press machine uses an auto control system that is user friendly to the new user. When using a portable shirt press, all you need is a hanger to hang your shirt, and you are good to go.

Is A Portable Shirt Press Worth Buying?

Owning a portable shirt press comes with lots of benefits. Unlike using conventional iron on your shirt, lightweight shirt presses are gentle on your shirts and very user friendly, all you need is to hang your shirt on a good hang and start your portable steam press. These home appliances help you to keep your shirt garment wrinkle-free and fresh for long. Therefore, owning a portable shirt press should be a must-have and also a priority for shirt lovers.

Can I Use Steam Iron for Shirts

The following are some of the benefits and drawbacks of using steam iron for shirts.


1. Great for Heavy Fabric

A steam iron can also effectively get rid of wrinkles from your shirt. Steam iron is excellent for pressing shirts that are of heavy fabric and those that have a crease.

2. Dry Or Steam

A steam iron has the steam and dry option that allows you to switch off the steam option when dealing with delicate shirts that cannot withstand steam. Therefore, you can use the steam iron for shirts very conveniently.

3. Crisp And Sharp Outcome

Ironing your shirt using a steam iron gives a sharp and crisp result. Apart from removing wrinkles, a steam iron can set creases making the garment look as good as new.


1. Learning Curve

Learning to iron your shirt needs a lot of practice. It will take time to know the ideal temperature setting for a particular fabric.

2. Possibility of Scorching

Using a steam iron for shirts has a high chance of scorching, especially if you are still practicing to work with it.

3. Ironing Accessories Needed

For you to iron using a steam iron, you will need an ironing board and a blanket before you start the task.

Shirt Iron VS. Shirt Steam Press

Both shirt iron and shirt steam press are effective in removing wrinkles in your shirt. However, the two appliances have their pro and cons that set each other apart.

With a shirt iron place your garment on an ironing board and press with the flat iron surface.

With a steam press, you lay the shirt you want on its board and close its top-down. The presser releases heat and steam that presses the garment smoothening the wrinkles.

The following are some of the comparisons of shirt iron vs. shirt steam press.

1. Movement

With a shirt iron, you have to move it back and forth over the shirt fabric to smoothen the wrinkles, but with shirt steam press, you don’t have to make these movements. Instead, a steam presser uses steam and pressure to press a garment to remove wrinkles.

2. Ironing board

With a shirt iron, an ironing board is a must while in a shirt steam press, it is not a must. A steam press is versatile and acts as both the iron and the ironing board.

3. Efficiency

A shirt steam press has a larger and smooth surface than a shirt iron that enables you to remove wrinkles on your shirt faster and with less time.

4. Maneuverability

With a shirt iron, you can get into corners of your shirt that a steam presser cannot reach. Therefore using an iron is more detailed than a steam press.

5. Price

Shirt steam press is more expensive than a shirt iron. However, the energy and time you use while using iron make steam pressure worth investing.

6. Gentleness on fiber

A shirt iron crushes fiber while a steam presser is gentle even on delicate fiber.

In summary, both shirt iron and shirt steam press are useful appliances to have. However, the shirt steam press is a preference for many because they are easy to use, faster, and saves energy. Choose the one that best suits your lifestyle and needs.

Cautions on Using The Steam Press for Shirts

Steam pressing a shirt can be a counterproductive task if it is not done correctly and can damage the shirt or steamer. The following are some of the precautions you need to observe while using a steam press for shirts.

  • Never steam press over buttons; instead, press around the buttons.
  • Never use a steam press on dirty shirts as it will set stains that will be difficult or impossible to remove.
  • If you are not sure about the type of fiber on your shirt, steam it using the lower temperature setting.
  • Ensure your working area is clean to avoid staining your shirts when pressing them.
  • The steam press should also be clean. Ensure there is no debris in the steam press, which could damage your machine and shirt.
  • Ensure the plugging cables are correctly plugged and away from your body. This plugging ensures that you do not get electrical shocks due to faulty appliances.
  • Never leave the press machine unattended while it is still hot or plugged.
  • After ironing, unplug your steam press machine and keep it safe.

How to Take Care of Your Shirts

The shirt you wear has a great influence on your look. Therefore the way you clean, iron, and store your shirt determines its look and life. Taking proper care of a shirt extends its life and makes you look better when wearing it. The following are some tips on how to take care of your shirts.

1. Take care while washing

You should wash your shirt at a cool temperature because high temperatures can make the fabric brittle or shrink. When using a drier, adjust it to medium heat to avoid damaging your shirts.

2. Use the right detergents

During the laundering process, you should avoid dodgy detergents that can erode the fabric.

3. Dry the shirts completely before folding

Ensure that your shirts are completely dry before folding them to prevent mildew that can occur if the shirts are stored when they are still slightly damp.

4. Iron damp

For a clean press; Iron the shirts with plenty of steam.

5. Avoid Antiperspirants

These Aluminum-based antiperspirants tend to leave marks on the shirt underarm that rot the stitching on that part. Using deodorant is more recommended than antiperspirants.

6. Alternate your shirts

It is advisable to have more than 5 shirts to prevent over wearing one shirt. When you have enough shirts, and you alternate them evenly, they will serve you for longer.

7. Unbutton

Unbutton before washing to remove stubborn stains.


The best steam press for your shirt is a must-have appliance in every household that has shirt lovers. It is a useful tool in removing wrinkles from your shirt, making you look presentable. It is easy to use, efficient and saves energy. There are several types of steam press for shirts in the market, and for you to choose the best, you should consider factors like size, cost, safety features, and weight of the steam press before settling for one. Choose a steam presser for a shirt that best suits your lifestyle and needs.

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