The 10 + Best Steam Iron for Dress Shirts – 2020 Review & Buyers Guide

Best Steam Irons for Dress Shirts

In hot weather or summer, wearing the dress shirt can be a popular trend, for it cools down your temperature effectively. However, what troubles most is that it easily gets wrinkled. In this article, we will introduce several reviews of the best steam iron for dress shirt.

What Is the Best Steam Iron for Dress Shirt on the Market?

Comparison Chart of Best Steam Iron For Dress Shirt

Reviews of Best Steam Iron For Dress Shirt

1. Best Steamer For Dress Shirt – Steamfast SF-680 Digital Steam Press


A great way to get the dry clean feeling without taking your clothes in or spending the money, the Steamfast Digital Steam Press removes even the toughest wrinkles and presses your clothes within seconds. There is a digital control that allows you to choose the right temperature depending on your clothing, and this is completely safe to use at home.

The water tank is fairly large at 10 oz and doesn’t take a lot of time to heat up; allowing you to steam clean your clothes without the use of any type of chemicals or sprays. There are safety features in places such as the press lock, which will ensure that the ironing board and plate are securely in place, getting the best result as possible.

Included in the purchase of this product are a few accessories to make your job easier, such as a measuring cup, spray bottle, and pressing cushion.

  • Allows you to get the dry clean result without the time and money spent
  • Faster and more effective than a clothing iron
  • A good option that will fit within most budgets
  • Compact enough to take with you when you travel
  • The water tank has been known to leak over time
  • A durable product overall, however, some components are made from less high-quality materials

This portable handheld steamer from HiLife is easy to use and perfect for any type of fabric that you need to look freshly laundered. A great option for those who travel often, it is compact enough to take with you wherever you go and heats up quickly.

The water tank is a decent size, allowing you to steam clean a lot of clothes before needing to be refilled, and does not require the use of any chemicals or sprays. This unit is capable of up to 15 minutes of continuous steam before needing to be refilled with water, and produces a good amount of high-temperature steam.

While not battery operated, the large 9.2-foot power cord is plenty long enough to reach from a near outlet to your working area, and the steamer can be used for other surfaces besides clothing.

  • Highly portable, a great option for those who travel frequently
  • Compact design allows for easy storage and use
  • Large water tank and long power cord
  • Heats up quickly and offers a decent amount of steam before needing to be refilled
  • At times, the steamer may spit water instead of producing a flow of steam

Another high-quality product from SteamFast, this clothing press allows you to get professional results from the comfort of your own home. This has a decent size water tank that heats up fairly quickly (in 3 minutes), and can be used multiple times before needing to be refilled.

There are five fabric settings to choose from depending on your needs: nylon, silk, wool, cotton, or linen; and a steam burst button on either side of the handle for extra steam production for tough wrinkles. The wide plate allows you to steam a larger surface area at a time, cutting down on the time and energy spent when pressing your clothing.

Included in the purchase of this product are various accessories such as a spray bottle, pressing cushion, and measuring cup.

  • Delivers professional results with a fraction of the cost and time spent
  • Offers versatility with fabric setting available
  • Safety features are in place to prevent any accidents or leaving the unit on too long
  • Easy to use, transport, and store
  • May have trouble using on thicker fabrics

One of the more unique designs in the world of clothing steamers, the Shirt Butler from IdeaWorks to dry and steam clean your clothes at the same time, and with great results. This can work on multiple types of shirts such as blouses, T-shirts, sweaters, and jackets, all without damaging the clothing in any way.

This can work on a wide range of clothing types and is especially well suited for delicate clothing like silk. The unit operates by utilizing hot air that is blown from the fan onto the mannequin, and you can set a timer depending on the level of dampness on your shirts. While shirts will not be as pressed as with other methods like a clothing iron, this is a great alternative that can save you time and money.

  • Can save a lot of time if you are needing wrinkles removed or for a shirt to be dried quickly
  • Easy to use without a lot of instructions to follow
  • Can easily set the timer, turn the unit on, and walk away without worry
  • A durable product that if used correctly will last a long time
  • Can be quite noisy at times due to the fan inside the unit

This clothing steam press from SteamFast features a decent size water tank that heats up quickly to get your clothes steaming without much hassle. The steam press will automatically turn itself off if left idle for a set period, eliminating the risk of any type of accidents or hazards.

As with other SteamPress models, this features a fabric setting that allows you to choose from up to 5 fabric types to get the best result possible. It can be used with or without steam, and the plate is made of non-stick material, so you can rest easy knowing that your clothes will be taken care of. Perfect for any type of clothing, as well as linens such as pillowcases, sheets, and tablecloths.

  • Easy to use with a fast heat-up time and decent water tank
  • Allows you to get professional results at home
  • There is no risk of burning your clothes or leaving the iron on too long
  • Easy to store and take with you as needed
  • Can be used horizontally only

This verticle and horizontal steam iron from Decent features various modes that you can change depending on your ironing needs, to remove wrinkles effectively and quickly. This steam iron has a large water tank compared to others, and heats up relatively quickly; it has a lot of high-temperature steam that allows you to remove even the toughest wrinkles with ease.

In addition to removing wrinkles, this is also an excellent way to clean and sanitize your clothes to always feel like you are fresh and ready to go. This iron is portable, easy to carry and store, and comes with its travel bag for storage. The detachable water tank is easy to fill, and won’t need to be refilled often while in use.

  • Can be used with or without steam, for dry or wet ironing
  • A great combination of both a garment steamer and clothes iron
  • The ceramic plate attached to the iron allows you to iron your clothes without worrying about leaving it on too long, leading to burning
  • Can also be used as an upright garment steamer using by using the production of steam
  • You need to add water for more clothes ironing

Another quality product from PurSteam, this steam clothes iron features a chromium finish plate that is durable, scratch-resistant, and moves effortlessly across the board. With this iron, you have a lot of control over the thermostat and the amount of steam that is produced, adding a level of versatility and function.

This iron heats up relatively quickly largely in part to the Rapid Even-Heat Technology and is perfect for all types of fabric. Safety features include a 3-way shut-off system, which will prevent any type of burns, accidents, or damage to clothing. There is no need to worry about water dripping from the tank, and it is easy to disperse steam as needed.

  • Easy to use, and unlike some irons there is no water leakage while in use
  • Lightweight while being durable and easy to handle while in use
  • Safety features allow enough heat and pressure to press your clothing, without worrying about any damage or accidents
  • For the quality of the product, this is priced very reasonably
  • It does not have a retractable cord

This fast and effective upright steamer from PurSteam is one of the best around, especially for the low price point. Compared to similar models, this steamer is more powerful with higher temperature steam that flows more evenly. This clothing steamer features 4 levels of steam and is adjustable to fit in with your needs, giving you more control and versatility.

Safety features like the burn prevention safety cap are in place to prevent burns and accidents. The large water tank is easy to fill, and you will be able to get a lot of steam before needing to refill it. Because of the telescoping clothing hanger, this unit is easy to use and store when, not in use; and the wheels at the base allow for more range of movement while using.

  • Easy to use, clean, and store
  • For good quality and budget-friendly clothing steamer, it produces a lot of high-temperature steam as needed
  • Requires little time to set up and pre-heat before you can begin using
  • Adjustable steam levels allow you to choose the amount of steam for any situation
  • There are no additional accessories included in the purchase

A name brand among clothing irons, the Rowenta steam iron is budget-friendly without sacrificing on power and can iron out the toughest wrinkles easily. This impressive steam iron is capable of ironing out wrinkles on thick fabrics like suits and curtains thanks to the high amount of steam and pressure.

The digital display enables you to when the unit is ready for use, a motion sensor, safety shut off, and resource sensors. The plate has over 400 holes for steam to easily be applied to your clothing and easily glides across any type of material.

Considering it is a clothing iron, this has a very large water tank capacity at 11.8 oz and is easy to fill or refill. There is no need to use distilled or spring water, as this is designed to work perfectly with water straight from the tap.

  • Easy to use and does not skimp on the amount of steam produced
  • LED display allows you to see all aspects of the steam iron
  • Strong enough to use on thicker types of fabric
  • Pump action technology enables you to use a burst of steam as needed
  • A bit heavy

This all in one kit from Cirago comes with everything that you would need to iron and steam your clothes at the same time, all in a nice compact package that you can easily store and use. The adjustable platform allows you to iron your clothes at the perfect level for your height, while being able to store the iron at the side, and the steam reservoir is easily removable on the bottom.

The board is adjustable up to 360 degrees, which allows you to switch between steam ironing or plain steam for your clothing. While the iron is compact and does not have a lot of additional features, it works very well and this is a fairly priced product. The water tank is large enough for most uses and is detachable for easy filling.

There are 3 levels of steam available to choose from, so you can pick one depending on the fabric and the number of wrinkles in the clothing.

  • Installation is quick and hassle-free
  • The unit is easy to use and does not take up a lot of space as relates to storage
  • A very versatile product
  • The water tank is large and heats up quickly
  • There are no additional accessories included in the purchase of this product

Another great product from Rowenta, this garment steamer is easy to use with a built-in hanger, clips, flexible hose, and adjustable height platform. The water tank is large and heats up quickly, and it is easy to store when not in use. Included in the purchase of this product are multiple accessories, such as a fabric brush, lint pad, and steam bonnet.

The stand is easy to assemble, and can easily be compacted when not in use to make storage easy. Once plugged in and preheating, it only takes a few minutes for the unit to produce steam, and you get a lot of steam before the tank needs to be refilled. Easily and effectively hold garments in place during the steaming process with the built-in hanger with garment clips.

  • Easy to install and use with multiple accessories
  • The water tank is large without adding unnecessary weight to the unit
  • Can be set up in a matter of minutes, including preheating time
  • Durable and lightweight product that will last a long time
  • The hose can tend to get kinked occasionally, limiting the amount of steam produced

This impressive machine from SereneLife allows you to dry and iron your clothes at the same time, without any real effort exerted on your end. By placing the wet or damp clothes on the drying dummy, a fan will produce hot air to the shirt to dry it and remove any wrinkles.

This is a great product for any type of garments that you have (in the realm of shirts and blouses), and can save time during your daily routine. Also, this machine is less invasive on your clothing than traditional dryers, and won’t leave your clothes wrinkled after drying.

This is easy to use with little assembly required and has a timer that allows you to set the perfect drying time without worrying about over-drying your clothes.

  • Easy to use without any supervision
  • Freshens up clothing quickly, saving time from your morning routine
  • Features and energy-saving design
  • Priced affordably for the quality of product received
  • Not easy to store it up

Is It Better To Iron Or Steam Clothes?

For decades, we have ironed out clothes to maintain a fresh, streamlined look that is considered to be more professional and gives you the impression of taking care of yourself.

In recent years, steaming has been gaining popularity among the population for how fast and easy it is to get that freshly ironed look, without the hassle. We do believe that it is better to steam your clothes than iron them. However, both methods are still used and both do have pros and cons.


A tried and tested method to get wrinkles out of your clothes and allows them to have that freshly-pressed look, ironing still holds up. However, the iron can be a hassle to set up considering that you need to use an ironing board, and there are just some fabrics that you can’t easily iron. The water tanks do not hold a lot of water, and if you are ironing a lot of clothes at once, refilling the tank can take a lot of unnecessary time out of your already busy schedule.

You also run the risk of burning your clothing if you have the iron too hot, or if you are pressed for too long on a piece of clothing. Some clothes you also run the risk of permanently creasing incorrectly as well, such as silk (which isn’t ).


Clothing steamers are considered to be more versatile than irons, as they work on a wide range of fabrics without running the risk of burning or creasing them incorrectly. Widely considered to be the superior choice to ironing, steaming can be used on delicate fabrics and is not as time-consuming as ironing; it also won’t take up the amount of space that an ironing board will.

That said, on some denser fabrics like cotton, you can still steam clean them, but it will take a lot longer, and iron may be better suited. And unlike ironing, steaming your clothes will not only remove stubborn wrinkles but will also kill odor-causing bacteria.

Are Steamers Good For Dress Shirts?

Steamers are good for dress shirts (considering in the past, your only option was to take them to a dry cleaner). Steam cleaning your dress shirts is also a better option than ironing them; this is because a lot of people don’t want to wash their dress shirts after one use, as this is what causes them to fade and wear out.

But if you opt into ironing them, this will press in the sweat and stains; whereas a steamer will press your shirts, at the same time removing stains and bacteria that can lead to odor.

Alternatively, you can take your dress shirts to a dry cleaner to be cleaned and pressed, but this can add up. Purchasing a clothes steamer will pay for itself in this regard within a matter of a few uses. Dress shirts also need to be created correctly, and iron can alter where the crease is temporary; whereas steamers won’t.

When using a steamer, you don’t run the risk of damaging your clothing in any way, and your dress shirts will look pretty much brand new after each use.

What Fabrics Should Not Be Steamed?

Fabric steamers are great at making sure that your clothes are looking their best, and at a fraction of the time compared to traditional irons. They are fantastic options to steam the most common clothing materials such as linen, cotton, wool, and silk. However, some fabrics should not be steamed, and you should avoid steaming. These are:


because of the way leather is treated and cured, if you are not careful with the kind that you are working with, you run the risk of accidentally shrinking it due to the amount of water and moisture in your steamer.

Suede and Velvet:

Both suede and velvet are very sensitive to water and moisture, and they do not react well to clothing steamers. If needed, it is possible to steam them from behind to remove creases, odors, and freshen them up.

As with anything that you are using on different fabrics if you are unsure if that particular article of clothing is safe to steam, use the steamer on a small area that is not as noticeable to see how it reacts. If all seems fine, then there is no reason why you can’t go ahead and steam the rest.

Features To Consider While Purchasing The Best Steam Iron For Dress Shirt

Steam irons are great tools that feature the best parts of steam cleaners and irons, although there are a few key elements that you will want to look out for when you are thinking of purchasing one.

Amount of steam produced

The basic principle of a steam iron is that it utilizes both steam and a hot iron to remove wrinkles in your clothing for a flawless finish. If the iron does not produce enough steam, the iron will not get hot enough and you won’t be able to use the power of steam to press your articles of clothing.

When you are looking into purchasing one, you will want to make sure that there is enough output of steam, and that the steam that is produced is hot enough to get the job done.

Auto Shut-Off

While not standard on every model, a lot of manufacturers are making including this on their steam irons, and it’s a nice feature to have. It turns the iron off when there is no activity after a set amount of time, removing the option of accidentally leaving the iron on when you get pulled away by your kids, pets, or spouse.

This can not only save on energy, but prevent a fire and keep you from ruining your clothing.


This feature allows you to send a “surge” or a burst of steam onto your clothing, which will enable you to get the most out of your steam iron. By using both steam and a hot iron, you can get your clothing wrinkle-free and looking freshly pressed within a fraction of the time.

Retractable Cord

While not very important, having a retractable cord does make it far easier to store the steam iron, and you won’t need to worry about the cord getting in your way or becoming a tripping hazard.

How To Iron A Dress Shirt?

Having the ability to iron a dress shirt a reason for many men (and women) to purchase and use a clothing iron. Ironing a dress shirt not only takes care of the wrinkles, but it freshens it up, makes it look freshly pressed, and allows you to come off as more put together than if you just threw on a shirt out of the wash. Follow the steps listed below to iron any dress shirt with ease and look well put together:

1. Get out your Ironing Board and Prep

The first step to ironing any piece of clothing is to get out the ironing board and set it up, as well as pulling out the iron itself and filling it with water. Once you have done both, you can plug in the iron and set it to the desired steam and temperature setting for a dress shirt.

2. Have a spray bottle handy

While not as necessary with steam irons as it would be with the traditional clothing irons, it is still a good idea to have a spray bottle handy just in case you need some extra help with those set-in wrinkles

3. Lay the shirt down flat

When you are ironing a dress shirt, there mustn’t be any fabric bunched up together, and the best way to do this is to lay it down flat, starting at the back and then the sides. Once you are sure that there are not any overlapping sections, you can begin to start at the collar. If you are working on a dry shirt, you may also want to use the spray bottle to moisten it. The shirt should be damp, but not too dry and not too wet.

4. Begin to Iron

With dress shirts, you want to make sure to iron the collar first, starting with the underside and then flipping it over. Next up will be the shirt cuffs, and to do this you will want to unbutton the cuffs and start on the inside first, and then work your way to the outside.

Once you are satisfied with how both the collar and cuffs look, you can begin to iron the front, beginning with the side that has the buttons (take care to get under the buttons, but never iron over them). Now finally you can work your way to the other side, the pocket, and eventually the back of the shirt.

When ironing the pocket, make sure to get the iron under to pocket first, and then in the opposite direction iron over the pocket. Lastly, you can iron the sleeves, taking special care not to disrupt the seam or press too firmly.

Top 3 Best Steam Iron For Dress Shirt

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