Top 10 Best Small Steam Iron Reviews – Most Convenient for Traveling

Small steam irons are compact ironing devices ideal for small ironing jobs and quilting. They are also suitable for travelers as they are light in weight and do not take up significant storage spaces in the travel bags. These small models heat up pretty fast, which in return saves the ironing time. If you need a convenient iron to travel with for small business trips, choosing the best small steam iron can save you a lot of trouble.

What Is Small Iron Used for?

The mini irons are ideal for ironing small parts of clothes or lightweight clothes. The irons’ compact sizes fit in narrow parts of the garment to eliminate the creases where the large irons cannot reach. The small irons are also suitable for fusing the fabrics with papers or cardboards.

Which Is the Best Small Steam Iron on the Market?


Benefits of Small Steam Iron

If you are not sure if small steam irons are what you need, then we have some hints for you here. These steam irons have plenty of benefits. You will find them helpful if you buy the best quality model.

  • Super Light

The small steam irons are made in a lightweight design, making them quite comfortable to hold when working. The weights range from 1 to 2 pounds, which is quite suitable for all people, including older people.

  • Easy to Pack

If you need a travel iron that you can tag along when going for outside trips, a compact steam iron is the right iron choice. These irons are space savers since they feature compact sizes. The small steam irons are comfortable to carry in a carry-on bag or even to pack in a luggage bag.

  • Price

Another benefit of the small steam irons is generally the affordability. However, note that the compact irons are reliable in removing wrinkles and creases on garments.

  • Best for Quilting

The small steam irons are suitable for quilting since one can iron small parts of the garment, such as inside the pockets and the patches, unlike when using the larger steam irons. They are also comfortable to iron with, so you can control the pressure you press on the garment.

  • Helps Sanitize

The small steam iron heats up pretty quickly to release the ironing steam. The hot steam helps to disinfect and steam the garments in return.


Quick Review of the Top Rated 10 Best Small Steam Irons


Factors to Consider in Picking High-Quality Small Steam Iron

If you want to buy the best small steam iron that suits your needs perfectly, then there are some things you need to consider before making a purchase. Below we list the most important features and recommend the top-quality products that are the most recommendable for each feature.

  • Water Tank

The compact steam irons have a small water reservoir with varying dimensions to suit the customer’s ironing needs. Although these irons are not ideal for bulky ironing needs, it is crucial to consider the tank’s size so one can find an iron that will save ironing time without making too many turns to refill the tank.

Best 200mm Water Tank – Utopia Home Lightweight Steam Iron

  • Power Cord

It is always good to choose an iron with a long power cord for convenience when ironing if the board is located further from the power source. Most of the small steam irons have cord measuring between 3 to 5 feet long.

Best 8-ft Power Cord – Sunbeam Hot-2-Trot Non-Stick Soleplate Travel Iron

  • Auto Power Off

Some steam irons have an automatic power-off setting where the iron immediately goes off after staying for some time without being active. It is a safety feature to check out for especially if you need the steam iron for traveling with to prevent accidents.

Best 3-Way Auto-Off – BLACK+DECKER Steam Iron with SmartSteam Technology


Small Steam Iron VS. Large Steam Iron

Although both the small and large steam irons function the same and have the same design, a few things set them apart. So, which size of a steam iron is the best? Well, the following are the top differences between the small and large steam irons.

  • Size And Weight

It’s evident that the small steam irons are short, and the large ones feature larger dimensions. But the size and pressures of the two steam iron models determine the functionality and efficacy.

Small steam iron is quite comfortable to hold when working since it is light, and you can work with it for a long time without getting tired. Although the small steam irons’ weights may differ as per the brand, the majority of models have a weight limit of 495 to 500 grams. This is around 1.1 pounds.

On the other hand, the larger steam irons are a bit bulky, which may be uncomfortable to work for long with them. But, the larger steam irons win when it comes to functionality because they can handle cumbersome ironing need easily and quickly. The heavyweight presses the garments to relax and remove the wrinkles quickly and easily.

Best Small Iron – Steamfast SF-717 Steam Iron

Best Reviewed Large – Sunbeam No Drip Steam Iron

  • Water Tank

The steam irons use water heated at high temperatures to release steam to relax and remove the wrinkles. The larger steam irons have large water tanks, which means you get high steam levels to iron the clothes, and you do need to keep on refilling the tank when ironing.

The high steam levels on the larger steam irons can de-crease many and heavy clothes that require high levels of heat. The small steam irons are not recommendable for heavy-duty ironing needs since the steam is not much, and you may need to keep on refilling the tank to iron.

Best 2-ounce Tank – Rowenta DA1560 Small Steam Iron

Best 40 oz Tank – Rowenta DG7530 Large Steam Iron

  • The Power Output

The large steam irons utilize high power output levels that facilitate quick and easy removal of creases compared to the smaller versions. The large steam irons have a power output of up to1400 watts while the smaller models have a power output of around 350 watts.

Best 350 Watt – Sharper Image SI-755 Mini Steam Iron

Best 1800 Watt – BEAUTURAL Large Digital Steam Iron

  • So, Which Is the Best?

The small steam irons are suitable for light ironing needs or for people who require iron to travel with. The large steam irons are ideal for bulky ironing needs at home or commercial areas like hotels.

Best for Travel – Polardo Small Handheld Steamer

Best for Commercial – PurSteam 1700W Large Iron


Top 2 Best Small Steam Iron Brands Reviewed

The two top best small steam iron brands ideal for people who need iron to travel with or for easy use at home is Steamfast and Hilife brands.

1. Steamfast Home & Away Steam Iron

Steamfast is a well-known company that manufactures multiple home appliances and devices ranging from steam mops and handheld clothes steamers. Steamfast makes some of the top best travel steam irons compatible with all fabrics. The small steam irons from steadfast have ergonomic handles that provide perfect holding space to straighten your clothes.

Best Steamfast SF-425 Travel Steam Iron – Small Size with Handle

2. Hilife Steam Iron for Clothes & Garments

If you need a handheld steam iron that can remove wrinkles on a large number of clothes, Hilife has a perfect choice. The Hilife steamers produce high levels of steam to remove wrinkles on clothes easily. This brand has a relatively large water reservoir that can last for about 14 to 18 minutes.

Best Hilife Mini Travel Steamer – Big Capacity Handheld for Ironing Clothes

  • The Common Features of Steamast & Hilife Steam Irons

1. Lightweight – These small steam irons are made in a lightweight design for portability. Therefore, they are an ideal choice for travelers. If you are always on the go, you must know how important it is to keep your luggage lightweight.

2. Portable – These steam irons have compacts sizes for easy packing in a carry-on bag or travel bag when going on a trip. These irons do not take up much space when packing.

3. Powerful – Although these steam irons have compact sizes, they have high power output for the convenient removal of wrinkles on any fabric.

4. Price – These steam irons can be a cost-efficient choice.

5. Time-Saving – The steam irons do not take long to heat up. Thanks to rapid heat technology, they often need only seconds to start functioning. Therefore, you will not spend much time waiting. And meanwhile, this is more energy-efficient.


Is Small Steam Iron Any Good?

Yes! The small steam irons help iron the small parts of garments where the large brands cannot reach. The small irons are also ideal for travelers since they are comfortable to pack in the bag.

Best for Garment – Reliable 150GTR Portable Steam Iron with Travel Bag



Small steam irons are quite convenient for traveling, and light ironing needs at home. They are light in weight for comfort when holding to work, and they are affordable too. The small irons function just like the larger models, although they are a bit slow.

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