Why People Like To Buy Pressure Steam Iron? – Top 10 Best Pressure Steam Iron Reviews 2020

Best pressure steam iron saved many housewives from the difficult chore of ironing the laundry and various clothing items. And the quality levels of the high-pressure steam iron, to a large extent, determine the user experience as well as the service life.

Go on reading, and you will get top 10 best pressure steam iron reviews with detailed buying guides, we would give you all the detailed information on the steamer.

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What Is the Best Pressure Steam Iron on the Market?

Price Comparing of High-Pressure Steam Iron

Photo Title Price Buy
Rowenta DG8520 Perfect Steam 1800-Watt Eco Energy Steam Iron Station $242.42 Buy On Amazon
DeLonghi Stiromeglio Compact PRO 300 Ironing System with Pressurized Boiler Buy On Amazon
Rowenta DW7180 Everlast 1750-Watt Anti-Calc Steam Iron Stainless Steel Soleplate with Auto-Off $80.20 Buy On Amazon
Rowenta DW8080 Professional Micro Steam Iron Stainless Steel Soleplate with Auto-Off $76.01 Buy On Amazon
Reliable 120IS Maven Home Steam Iron Station with Ceramic Soleplate $169.00 Buy On Amazon
Rowenta DG8510 Perfect Steam 1750-Watt Eco Energy Steam Iron Station $219.99 Buy On Amazon
Rowenta DW6080 Eco-Intelligence 1700-Watt Energy Saving Steam Iron $91.69 Buy On Amazon

Reviews of Best Pressure Steam Irons of 2020

#1. Rowenta DG8520 Energy Efficient Stainless Steel Steam Iron

high pressure steam iron


  • Effectively remove the wrinkles on the clothes
  • Eco setting to save energy costs
  • Large power
  • Anti-scale function with rinsing system
  • 400 stainless steel soleplate


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#2. Rowenta QR1020 All in One Steamer and Iron

pressure steam iron





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  • All in one design for multiple functions
  • Smart board technology with patented ergonomic tilt
  • Safe for all sorts of fabric
  • Multiple use with portable steam wand
  • Fast heating in 45 seconds
  • 3-position board


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#3. Rowenta DW9280 Digital Display Steam Iron

best pressure steam iron





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  • Stainless steel soleplate provide smooth gliding surface
  • 3-way automatic shutoff system
  • LED display for easy use
  • Large 350ml water tank
  • Features smart motion sensor for safety


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#4. NAHANCO DG5030 Rowenta Professional Steam Iron Station

high pressure steam iron





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  • High pressure steam generator
  • Integrated burst of steam system provide large power
  • Large water tank allows longer steam time
  • Easy to control
  • Heats up in only 2-second
  • Built-in storage for cord


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#5. Rowenta DW7180 Anti-Calc Stainless Steel Steam Iron

rowenta pressure iron and steamer





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  • Stainless steel soleplate for smooth use
  • Removable lime-scale collector and self-cleaning system
  • Super easy to control
  • Provides high level of steam
  • 3-way auto shutoff system
  • Made in Germany


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#6. Black Decker Allure Professional Steam Iron

pressure iron





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  • Stainless steel soleplate for durable and heavy-duty use
  • Produce 30% more steam
  • Auto clean system
  • Multiple temperature and steam controls available
  • Auto-shutoff system for safety
  • Perfect for all sorts of fabric types

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#7. Rowenta DW2171 300 Hole Steam Iron with Stainless Steel Soleplate

tefal high pressure steam generator


  • Scratch-resistant gliding surface
  • Built-in anti-calc systems
  • Multiple auto-shutoff systems
  • Variable steam modes
  • Vertical design for hanging garments
  • Anti-drip design


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#8. Rowenta Focus Blue 400 Holes HD Soleplate

tefal high pressure steam generator





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  • Quick heating
  • Non-drip design
  • Powerful output for effectively remove wrinkles
  • High precision metal tip
  • Auto shutoff system for safety


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#9. AEVO Portable Steam Iron For Clothes

best pressure steam iron





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  • Preheating system to provide 9 minutes long time ironing
  • High pressure iron to effectively remove wrinkles
  • Overheating and leakage protection
  • Auto shutoff system
  • Leakage proof
  • Perfectly suit any fabric types


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#10. Rowenta Eco-intelligence Energy Saving Steam Iron

pressure iron and steamer





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  • Stainless steel soleplate for gliding surface
  • 3 manual steam settings for less energy
  • Anti-calc system to automatically collect scale
  • 3-way auto shutoff system
  • User friendly design
  • Large 1700 watt of power


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Buying Guides of Best Pressure Steam Iron

Pressure steam irons have been in existence for quite some time now. But just what are they? What benefits do they potentially bring about? What are some of the most desirable features they have to exhibit? Well, we have prepared this guide with the aim of giving you answers to these and many more questions.

tefal high pressure steam generator

Ease of Filling the Water Tank

The ease of filling the water tank should rank first among your consideration. You definitely want a pressure iron steamer that is pretty simple to fill. This is to cut down the time you would naturally take to do the job and guarantee some smoother operations all the while.

Handles and Controls

Needless to say, the handles and the controls of the pressure iron have to be ergonomic. You do not want to expend too much of your muscle power to be able to do either. Check out the shape and the configurations of these two before setting out to purchase a suitable one.


A soleplate is a metallic structure that forms part of the base of the iron. It is via this soleplate that the heat energy is dissipated to the clothing item that is being ironed. A good iron has to possess a good quality soleplate whose heat dissipation mechanism is similarly topnotch.

Length of Power Cord

These items derive their heating power from the mains electricity. The electrical energy is channeled to the unit via a dedicated power cord. These power cords vary greatly in length. It is important hence to find that one whose length is sufficient for your own use.

Number of Steam Holes

To discharge the steam output, the irons do take advantage and make use of the steam holes. Like the power cord above, the number of these steam holes similarly varies greatly from one iron to another one. Yet again, you have to exercise some due diligence while finding the most appropriate one.


By wattage, we refer to the level of power output that the iron potentially delivers. A good iron has to be able to channel a sufficiently high level of wattage to your clothes. Take care though that it does not drain your utility expenses considerably while doing so.

Weight of the Iron

The sheer weight of the iron itself is a serious consideration. That is due to the fact that it determines the amount of force and effort that you might have to expend to move the iron out and about a desired area. You should prioritize that one which is extremely light to haul around.

Anti-scale Feature

In the course of ironing your attire, some scales are bound to be deposited on the clothes. These scales generally arise from the water that is used to expedite the ironing process. A good iron has to possess some anti-scale features like the limescale filter that eliminate the buildup of such scales.

Auto Shut-off

For your own safety, you want an iron that possesses an auto shut-off mechanism. This basically is a feature that prompts the iron to shut off on its own whenever it stays idle for some predefined amount of time. It also goes a long way in reducing the utility expenses you are naturally bound to incur while operating the iron.

Advantages of Rowenta pressure iron and steamer

pressure iron and steamer

High Steam Output

The high steam output ranks first among the many benefits of a typical Rowenta pressure iron and steamer. This high steam is mainly occasioned by the constant jet of pressure water it ejects from the unit to the cloth. In light of this, the iron does cut the time taken to conclude the task 3 times.

Unique Patented Microsteam400 Soleplate Technology

Next comes the unique patented Microsteam400 soleplate technology. With this, you get to obtain a perfect flow of steam from the iron to the cloth. This it does via a network of 400 micro-holes that dot the base of the iron metallic soleplate.

High-precision Profiled Tip

A high-precision profiled tip ranks third. The tip is basically designed to grant you access to those otherwise hard-to-reach areas of the attire you are presently ironing. Thus, it works to expedite your own tasks and purposes. You will it appropriately handy for those strenuous ironing roles.

Removable Water Tank

Its steam dispensing mechanism comes in the form of a removable water tank. The tank is the one that contains the water and channels the same to the clothing attire that you are presently ironing. Being removable, the tank does allow for easier filling and emptying if and when need be.

Exclusive Scale Collector

It is not uncommon for the scale to accumulate and deposit at the fabrics. An exclusive scale collector does exist to take care of this menace. As you may have guessed, it does collect the scales and disposes of the same if and when they need to do so comes.

Eco-Energy Mode

Many irons of this brand also come along with the Eco Mode that basically serves to cut down your energy needs and consumptions. The existence of this feature thus cuts down your utility expenses to a considerable minimum. You badly want to make good use of this appliance as it is a sure bet for you.

Easy and Safe Transportation

On the whole, you will also enjoy the pleasure of easy and safe transportation. The iron is indeed packed with loads of safety features that act to make your work rather simple and easy. It is unlikely hence that you will trip, fall off, or encounter any forms of injuries while handling the same.

Fast and Effortless

Closely related to the above is the fringe benefit of fast and effortless handling. Why spend too much of your time to conclude a task you would naturally do within a split second? Due to this trait, the line of products is good enough for commercial applications and enterprises.

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Features and Benefits of High-Pressure Steam Iron

best pressure steam iron

More Efficient

Good high-pressure steam iron is generally more efficient than the standard kind of iron. Its efficiency stems mainly from the fact that it stretches the fabrics better to prevent wrinkles. Thus, it also works to prevent the emergence of any permanent creases that may compromise your fabrics altogether.

Simple to Operate

In all, this kind of iron is simpler to operate. You do not have to expend too much of your time or effort to have your way. Thanks to this simplicity, the iron also fits the needs of the starter or the beginner in the field of ironing.

Removes Wrinkles

No other kind of iron is as appropriately suited for the elimination of wrinkles better than the high-pressure steam iron. This is because it does produce more steam that goes a long way in reversing the permanent creases that arise in the course of putting on a clothing item.

Prevention of limescale deposits

Other than merely straightening your clothes to remove permanent crease, these irons also prevent the depositing of limescale. Thus, they greatly help with the matters of cleanliness and maintenance as they cut down the effort you would need to do a better job. Your time is never going Tobe the same really.

Works Faster

These irons, when compared to the many alternatives that exist, do take shorter to deliver the outcomes required. For this reason, these irons serve or have the ability to minister commercial ends and applications. You will generally take less time to accrue the benefits that have to come along.

Simpler to Use

Owing to the lack of sophisticated parts and components, these irons are also simpler to make use of. You will hence find them a good one to pick for the job if you happen to be that someone who is barely getting started out in matters of ironing and clothing.

Cheaper to Operationalize

Stemming from their simplicity is the fact that these irons are cheaper to operationalize. That simply means that you will spend less overall to put and maintain them in actions. This translates into reduced costs of repairs and maintenance as well as lower utility bills.

Modern Technology

Lastly, these irons embody the latest technologies that are available at the moment. For this reason, their irons tend to be richer in quality and better placed to do a good job. If you want to stay ahead of the game, you have no option but to lay your hands on these gadgets.

Why Do You Need a Pressure Steam Iron?

A long time ago, ironing was extremely difficult. You needed to spray water onto the clothes, in order to prevent the iron from sticking. Many shirts were destroyed only because the user kept the hot iron in contact with the fabric for a few seconds too long. Ironing was a nightmare and a task that only skilled people were able to perform without unhappy incidents.

As soon as the pressure steam irons appeared on the market, consumers realized their tremendous advantages. This is why many of them ditched their old style irons in favor of the new, modern ones.

More efficient

Pressure steam irons are more efficient than previous ones because of their ability to stretch the fabric wrinkles. The heat combines with the steam power, forcing the tissue fibers to extend and relax. The clothes become smooth and neat in an instant, the risk of burning them being much lower.

Simple to operate

The steam makes a very big difference. It also saves you from spraying water on the clothes. This was a big problem, as it was very difficult to spray it evenly, the result being various stains that made you want to wash your clothes again, before even having the chance to wear them once. There were some standard irons that had the water jet feature included, but they were not so convenient. The main reason was that the water tank was relatively small, so you had to refill it quite often.

Produce more steam to remove wrinkles

A pressure steam iron is able to produce a lot more steam than a standard one. This means you don’t have to refill its water tank that often. you can iron for several times before the water level gets as low as to call for a refill. The best pressure steam iron on the market should be this Rowenta DG8520 model below:

Rowenta DG8520 Perfect Steam 1800-Watt Eco Energy Steam Iron Station



  • Exceptional 5 bars of pressure ideal for removing wrinkles from hanging garments or drapes and or smoothing and shaping sewing projects
  • Constant High Powered Steam makes ironing fast and effortless
  • Eco Setting, saving up to 20% of energy
  • Extra Large, removable and visible 47oz Tank allowing 1.5 hours of continuous ironing

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Advantages of Best Pressure Steam Irons

Prevent the limescale deposits

It helps to prevent limescale deposits. Traditional irons had this huge problem. They accumulated a lot of limescale, thus being very difficult to use after a while. When these tiny nozzles become even smaller, the water has a hard time passing through. Pressure steam irons are different. Their construction doesn’t allow for the limestone to accumulate, so they don’t need frequent cleaning and maintenance. You invest in a good iron once, and you can use it for a very long time, without even thinking about it anymore. Most probably, all big brands include limescale filters that prevent such accumulations, thus making maintenance an obsolete activity. And there is a Panasonic NI-E650TR Steam Dry Iron for you convenience use:

Panasonic NI-E650TR Steam/Dry Iron with U-Shape Titanium Coated Soleplate



  • The U-shaped designed soleplate concentrating pressure at the center of the iron helps circulate steam under the soleplate for smoother ironing with up to 25% more steam coverage based on other Panasonic irons;
  • Jet-of-Steam / Self Cleaning with a powerful burst of steam helps remove stubborn wrinkles and clean iron steam vents. Vertical Steam and Anti-Calcium round out the features on this unit

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Work faster

In addition, a pressure steam iron enables you to work much faster. You can iron twice as many clothing items as with a traditional iron. The smoothness offered by the pressurized steam coming out of the tiny nozzles works like a charm. It adds softness to the tissue, enabling the iron to glide smoothly over the fabric, making it beautiful in an instant.

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Simple to use

The most advanced iron models have ditched the old temperature setting wheel, as they are intelligent enough to adjust their temperature according to the fabric they get in contact with. This is the ultimate equipment that can determine even men iron their own shirts and trousers without any problems. Even children can iron mountains of clothes in a very short time.

This is excellent news for all women with a big household and with lots of children to look after. By not having to spend hours ironing laundry, shirts, blouses, skirts, trousers and who knows what else, they can use their time for other activities. For instance, they can find more time to play with their children or to meet their friends for a chat and a coffee.

Modern technology adopted

Since modern technology has made things much easier for us, it comes without saying that it makes sense to invest in such devices and household appliances. Nobody should spend so much time doing things that a machine can enable them to perform much faster. Even if you have to spend a little more money on such tools, you have to think that you can free up more time for yourself. You can use this time for activities you find pleasure in, instead of all those boring chores you hate so much.

If you both need the pressure and steam for ironing, you must try this Pressurized Boiler DeLonghi PRO 300 iron:

DeLonghi Stiromeglio Compact PRO 300 Ironing System with Pressurized Boiler



  • Guaranteed professional results with the 3.5 bar pressure and heavy gauge satin-polished aluminum soleplate
  • Comfortable and adjustable steam cord to accommodate left and right-handed users. Steam ready indicator light and regulator to adjust the emission
  • Achieve more efficient ironing with the 1-liter boiler for approximately 1.5 hours of ironing time

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Alright! We have truly belabored the best pressure steam irons, haven’t we? The ball is now squarely on your court. This can only mean that you find and make good use of the irons for your own self. Use the guidelines we have provided for the above as a starting point. If you get stuck along the way, we ask that you invoke the assistance of an expert. All the best in your subsequent use!

Top 3 Best Pressure Steam Irons

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