Top 9 Best Household Steam Iron Reviews 2020 【Buying Guides】

The chore of ironing can get tiring and boring unless you have the right iron box at home, for getting the best household steam iron makes ironing a whole lot more enjoyable. By gliding off the fabric, it effectively straightens tough creases and brings back new and clean shirts.

For the following part, you will get in-depth information about household steam irons and reviews of the 9 most recommended home steam irons.

What Is the Best Household Steam Iron on the Market?

Features of Household Steam Iron

• Anti-scale

This is a property that prevents the surface of steam iron from collecting limescale that destroys both the steam iron and the fabric. It prolongs its usage, as the surface is the most important part of household steam irons.

• Cordless

Some irons have cord while others are cordless. The cord ones are the more types of traditional iron boxes, while the cordless ones are more modern and help with portability.

• Water capacity

The deeper the water tank, the more steam is produced, and the more time the iron box can work without getting refilled again. This is a key feature before getting a steam iron as one with enough capacity will reduce the time wasted to refill.

• Fabric appropriate

Smart technology has developed in a way that the surface of the iron box can detect the fabric and regulate the temperature needed to straighten the creases without destroying the piece of cloth. This automatic detector is ideal as different fabrics need a certain amount of temperature.

• Heat uptime

A right iron is supposed to have fast heat-up time to save on energy and the time spent on ironing a piece of cloth. This is a must check from the manufactures measures. It saves you a lot on the energy used per steaming.

• Weight

The steam iron needs to be lightweight so that you do not strain when lifting it and moving it across your fabric. Since the fabric is not always in a horizontal position you should consider one with all the essential features without compromising the weight at the same time.

Quick Pick on the Best Household Steam Irons

Advantages of Household Steam Iron

1. They are efficient

These types of iron boxes are beneficial. They straighten all creases perfectly, leaving you looking very polished.

2. They are fast

Ironing has never been faster. These irons slide over the fabric with ease and make the chore of ironing a lot faster.

3. Energy saving

The steam irons do not use up a lot of energy and therefore are energy efficient.

4. Use smart technology

The use of intelligent technology allows these irons to detect the type of fabric then regulate the heat accordingly.

Different Types of Household Steam Iron You Should Know

The kind of household steam irons depends on the material of the soleplate or the surface of the iron box.

1. Steel

The steel steam irons are the most common types of iron boxes they iron easily and are not easily damaged. They, however, need to be cleaned thoroughly because they attract limescale easily.

2. Ceramic

These types of steam irons are a lot easier to clean and heat up well but are very fragile because of the material.

3. Teflon

Teflon is a rare material that irons the clothes easily but can also cause a lot of damage to your fabrics.

Top 9 Reviews of the Best Household Steam Iron

This household steam iron has a steel soleplate, meaning that it irons easily without destroying the fabric. Its fast heating feature allows you to iron clothes in a few seconds, and meantime saves your energy and time.

The shining part of the iron lies in the vertical function, meaning that you can steam your clothes when they are hanged. And the retractable cord makes storing the iron box a lot easier.

This is a heavy iron used for indoors with the function of pressure. The thick steel plate determines that the heaviness pressure presses hard on the fabric and helps remove all creases. It also has a thermostat that can regulate the temperature, thus preventing the damage of the material to prolong service life. What we love best is the 1700 watts power source, fastening the heating time, and saving much of your time.

The professional resistant iron box also has a vertical feature that enables you to steam hanging clothes. Be strict on safety measures, the brand ensures that you do not get hurt from ironing and also prevents damage to your fabric with the 3-way shut off option. Furthermore, the water tank is also huge producing a large amount of steam.

3. Best with Ceramic Soleplate – Chi 13101 Auto Shutoff Professional Grade Steam Iron

The Chi is one of the iron boxes that use the smart technology whereby the temperature is specific to the type of fabric. Smart technology prevents the destroying of tissues, and ceramic soleplate protects your clothes and makes it easier to do the cleaning up.

The steam can be switched on and off with a simple button set, press the button and you can choose steam settings from minimum to maximum levels. In terms of appearance, the sturdy material gives it a shiny look without compromising the durability.

4. Best with Retractable Cord – Sunbeam Nonstick Anti-Drip Steam Iron 

The stainless steel soleplate has several tiny holes to let out steam, which removes all wrinkles effectively. The core advantage of its stainless steel soleplate is to resist corrosion and thereby prolong the service life of the machine. With the design of three auto-shutoff buttons, this product guarantees safe use even if you forget to turn it off after use.

Non-leakage design is the primary reason why it appears on our list. In the ironing process, the steam lets out effectively to remove the wrinkles with no mess needed to be cleaned.

For multiple clothes ironing, you will adore its large water capacity design, which allows for large production of steam. Besides, it has vertical steaming features so that you can use it for ironing hanging clothes.

5. Best with LCD Screen – BLACK+DECKER Digital Professional Customized Steam Iron  

Here comes another stainless steel steam iron that perfectly for household use thanks to its durability. Heavy design as it is, you will find it pressing fabrics harder, which removes all creases and wrinkles as it glides over the fabric.

The steam iron has an LCD screen that makes it possible to view the controls you choose so that you do not damage the cloth.

The Black+Decker can regulate the amount of steam that a piece of fabric needs to remove the wrinkles well. You can change the amount of heat required. The settings are suited to your preference and have a 1500W that will save ton energy.

6. Best with Vertical Design – Sunbeam Anti Drip Nonstick 360 Degrees Steam Iron

Self-cleaning design is what we love most about this product, which cleans out all forms of minerals that stick on the water tank due to water residue, thus prevents it from clocking steam passage and ruining the overall job of the iron box. The vertical design allows for hanging clothes and other fabrics.

This iron box turns itself off when not in use to reduce the chances of causing accidents or destroying a fabric, and This is also another essential feature. The anti-drip feature reduces the chances of leaking; therefore, no messes caused.

7. Best with Stainless Steel Soleplate – Shark Electric Garment Steamer  

The shark stainless steel iron box has rapid heating time to prepare the iron box for use, therefore it saves on time and energy, making it efficient. The stainless steel sole means that it is heavy and, therefore, can press on to a fabric removing all creases and wrinkles effectively.

It can power to about 1600 watts,  meaning that all stubborn wrinkles creases and ultimately making you polished and sharp looking. This iron box is unique because it can double the amount of steam, meaning that there is the removal of wrinkles effectively than other brands.

8. Best with 400-Hole – Rowenta DW8080 Auto Shut off Steam Iron 

The steel soleplate ensures that all wrinkles crease because it presses hard on the cloth, gently making it straight without ever damaging those clothes. The 400 holes remove steam and thus aiding to the straightening of the fabric. This iron box does not use any specific type of water to iron, and it can use essential tap water and still functions.

The Rowenta automatically shuts off when it is not in use for safety reasons. The three-way shut off makes this possible, where the iron box shuts off if it is not in use in roughly 8 minutes when it is vertically and almost 30 seconds when it is sole down.

9. Best with Double Layer – BEAUTURAL Ceramic Soleplate Multiple Temperature Setting Irons  

The iron box has an LCD transparent feature that has nine different features to help you choose the type of fabric and set the most appropriate temperature to do the trick. The soleplate is made of ceramic, which is very gentle on fabrics and very easy to clean off as well.

The Beautural has an automatic shutoff, meaning the iron box shuts off when it is not in use.

It can get up to 1800w so that wrinkles and creases are removed. All the features of this iron box are thoroughly tested and are perfect for people to use in their homes without having to worry.

Buying Guide to Purchasing the Best Household Steam Iron

1. Weight

Weight is both a feature and a consideration that you should focus on while picking. Heavy steam irons are perfect for added pressure of bulky fabrics, and the lighter ones are good for carrying around.

2. Water tank

Before buying a steam iron, make sure the water tank has a low capacity, the recommended size is about 200 to 300 ml, while the deeper water tank equals more steam.

3. Steam

This is a no brainer because it has to produce steam for the iron box to function. Steam removes creases and also kills any germs on the fabric. The larger steam household steam iron produces, the more effective it will be in straightening your clothes.

4. Ratings

The best way to get the residential steam iron is to read through other people’s comments and experience on that particular product. People will give their honest opinion and post it on the website they bought the product from and reviewed.

5. Cost

You do not need to use all your money to get yourself household steam iron. There are plenty of steam irons that are and will not dent your account, and they work extraordinary well.


The above are among the best iron boxes. Before you get one, ensures that you have done your research and known what suits your household best. The features mentioned above have to be considered so that you get one that will serve you accordingly. When you take some of the above features into consideration, you will end up with the best steam iron box for your home.


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