Top 10 Best Domestic Steam Irons Reviews with Multiple Functions Design

Domestic steam irons are one of the irons available in today’s market because they are highly safe to use, and they are the best when it comes to delivering quality services.

Unlike portable or travel steam irons, the domestic steam irons can be more long-lasting and durable and are equipped with multiple functions to meet various demands. The cons? Well, some of which are heavy, and those with hanger is also a trouble thing if used for outdoors.

Still, is it worth buying the best domestic steam iron?

What can the domestic steam iron bring?

There are several steam irons available in today’s market, which makes it a bit challenging to choose the one that best suits you. As a result, we have compiled together some of the best domestic steam irons along with the buying guide that will aid you in choosing the right steam iron.

Now, let’s get started!

What Is the Best Domestic Steam Iron on the Market?

Features of Domestic Steam Irons

Below are the essential features of a domestic steam iron;

1. Soleplate

One of the essential features of a steam iron is the soleplate. When purchasing a steam iron, ensure it features a soleplate that does not stick to your fabric while ironing. Two types of soleplate on the irons are most commonly used, including the stainless steel soleplate and steam iron with ceramic soleplate. No matter what soleplate you choose, remember that the non-sticky soleplates are those that are smooth and slick while they are brand new.

2. Steam vents

The number of steam vents varies widely from one iron to the other. Steam vents are highly essential when it comes to offering ample supply of steam to your fabric while ironing. Therefore, you should consider purchasing a steam iron with numerous numbers of steam vents.

3. Steam blast

This is one of the vital features of a steam iron. The steam blast button is often located at the edge of the handle for easy access with your thumb. Steam blast is highly essential in offering steam jets, making the ironing process more comfortable.

Picking the Best Domestic Steam Irons From Our Comparison Chart

How to Pick the Best Domestic Steam Irons?

Picking the right domestic steam iron is not an easy task. There are some essential aspects that you will need to understand. Some of these vital aspects are;

1. Wattage

Usually, the amount of wattage a steam iron uses determines how hot it can become, the speed at which it will take for it to heat up and the amount of steam being generated by the iron steam. You should, however, note that a high wattage does not guarantee you a better performance when compared to a lower wattage iron, but it is almost always the case.

2. Handle and control

In addition to wattage, handle, and control have a significant effect on how a steam iron operates. You should always consider purchasing a steam iron that has a comfortable handle. An uncomfortable steam iron handle will end up causing an unpleasant ironing experience. Therefore, you should consider assessing the handle grip and control before making any purchase.

3. Type and the length of the power cord

The length and type of a power cord used in a steam iron determine how convenience it is. Usually, a short power cord will restrict the number of strokes you make on your ironing board. Furthermore, it will force you to remain close near the power source. As a result, purchasing a retractable power cord or a long power cord is vital.

4. Holes

The number of holes present in a steam iron profoundly affects the amount of steam being generated by the iron. Steam iron with more steam holes means that it produces more steam; this makes ironing much more comfortable. In addition to that, you should assess the distribution of the holes within the soleplate; for a better result, choose a steam iron with well-distributed holes.

How to Safely Use Steam Irons At Home?

Using steam iron is relatively easy all you need to do is observe the following;

Fill the water tank.

When doing so, you should adhere to the manufactures instruction. The amount of water required for a steam iron differs significantly.

Clipping tank.

In accordance with the instruction provided, clip back the tank and then plug in your iron.

Check your fabric’s label.

This will help you understand the right temperature required to iron your fabric.

Place your fabric on the iron board.

Once placed, you should consider ironing your fabric with the direction of the grain.

Positioning your iron correctly.

When you are done ironing, you should set your steam iron on its heel.

Top 10 Best Domestic Steam Irons Reviews For Different Fabrics and Clothes

Here are the top 10 best steam iron available in today’s market

1. Best Pick – Panasonic Automatic Domestic Steam Iron


Temperature setting.

The Panasonic automatic iron features a temperature setting which makes it ideal for ironing different types of fabrics out there.

Power supply.

This is an incredible steam iron, and it features AC 100 volts, and it consumes approximately 700 watts. This means that it is capable of heating up within a short period and aids in producing a reasonable amount of steam.

Body size.

If you are looking for a lightweight iron, then this will be best for you. Weighing approximately 0.8 kg, the Panasonic automatic iron is highly portable, and it measures 10 by 11 by 23 cm H by W by L respectively.

User manual.

Using this steam iron is relatively easy, and in addition to that, it comes with a user manual which makes it easy to use for individuals who are newbies.

2. Best Cordless – Panasonic Compact Steam Iron


Power source.

The Panasonic compact cordless steam iron features an AC 100 volts, and it consumes approximately 1,400 watts. Its high power consumption makes it perfect for increasing the amount of steam being produced by the iron.

Body size.

It measures 10 by 13 by 22 cm W by H by L approximately; moreover, it is highly portable, and it weighs approximately 0.9 kgs.


Approximately 120 seconds and a steam amount of approximately 5 grams per minute. In addition to that, it features a water injection volume of around 80 ml per shot. It features different levels of power shots, including high power shot and hanger shot. There are two steam injection amount switching.


When looking for a steam iron that is built to last, then this Panasonic product will be best for you. It is made from a titanium coat and equipped with 18 steam holes for an ample supply of steam jets.

3. Best High Power – Panasonic Cordless Domestic Steam Iron  


Power supply.

Just like any other Panasonic product, the cordless steam iron NI-WL604-S features incredible power consumption of approximately 1,400 watts. In addition to that, it features an AC of 100 volts, making it one of the best irons out there when it comes to performance.

Body size.

Weighing 1.1 kg, the NI-WL604-S is a lightweight steam iron which is highly comfortable on your hand. Furthermore, it measures 11 (W) by 13 (H) by 22.6 (L) cm.


Approximately 180 seconds with a steam amount of 13 grams per minute. Its water injection volume is 160 ml, and the shot types are high power shot, the hanger shot, and overall high power steam.

User manual.

The user manual makes it easy for one to understand better how the device operates.

4. Best Portable and Lightweight – YBZS Domestic 7 Holes Mini Clothing Steamer 



The YBZS clothing steamer is a 1,500 wattage high-power steamer. In addition to that, it is a high-temperature as well as a high-pressure steamer ideal for steaming your clothes. The steam penetrates deep enough into your clothing which aids in maintaining the look of your cloth.

Constant temperature.

This steamer is equipped with a constant temperature ironing head made from stainless steel material and features seven holes. Furthermore, it is highly essential when it comes to protecting your fabric from damage due to high temperatures.

Steam holes.

The seven steam holes are highly essential for softening your fabric quickly.

Several protections.

YBZS features multiple protections making it very safe for use.

5. Best with Retractable Cord – Maytag M400 Speed Heat Steam Iron 


Fast heat.

For individuals who love steam irons that reach maximum temperature in less than one minute, then this will be best for you. The Maytag M400 is incredibly fast when compared to the traditional irons out there. In addition to that, it only takes three seconds for the steam to regenerate.

Vertical steam.

Apart from ironing your clothes, the Maytag M400 can be used to get rid of wrinkles from hanging clothes; this is made possible by its vertical steam.


Unlike most steam irons out there, M400 features a self-cleaning technology.

Power supply.

It consumes 1,500 watts and has a tank capacity of approximately 8.01 ounces. It comes with a 360-degree swivel cord measuring 8ft long.

6. Best with Anti-Drip Design – Sunbeam Steam Master Non-stick Soleplate Steam Iron  


Power supply.

The steam master iron operates on 1,400 watts of power. Furthermore, it is equipped with a non-stick soleplate designed from stainless steel material. To prevent water from leaking in its enormous tank, this steam master product is equipped with an anti-drop system.

Safe for use.

Safety should always be your top priority when operating and electrical device. The sunbeam steam master steam iron features an auto-off safety feature that senses motions.


You don’t have to worry about cleaning this steam iron since it features a self-cleaning technology.


These steam irons weigh 3 pounds and measures 14 (L) by 6.2 (W) by 6.3 (H) inches.

7. Best Stainless Steel Soleplate – PurSteam Professional Grade Self Cleaning Steam Iron  


Durable soleplate.

This steam iron features an incredible stainless steel soleplate which is highly durable and resistant to scratch. Moreover, it features unparalleled glide purposely designed to distribute steam evenly.


With this steam iron, you will be able to choose the right temperature for your fabric with the utmost ease.

Safe for use.

There are incredible safety features present in this steam iron, including an automatic 3-way shut off system which aids in preventing accidents from occurring.

8. Best with Self-Cleaning Function – Sunbeam 1700W Non Stick Domestic Steam Iron  



Equipped with an incredible shot of steam features, this steam iron is ideal for offering extra bursts of steam.

Anti-dripping system.

This aids in preventing water from dripping from the tank despite the temperature levels.


For enhanced safety, it is equipped with a 30 minute time auto-off feature.

9. Best with Auto Shutoff – CHI Professional Grade Titanium Ceramic Soleplate Domestic Steam Iron 


Incredible design.

This steam iron is designed using a Chi flat iron technology; this enhances its durability.

Powerful steam.

Powerful steam offered by this steam iron aids in making the ironing process more comfortable.

Fabric guide.

With this steam iron, you will be able to choose the right temperature when ironing your fabric.

Easy to control

Equipped with an adjustable steam lever, this steam iron features an incredibly easy to control design.

10. Best with Double Layer – BEAUTURAL Multiple Temperature Steam Iron for Variable Fabric



This is incredible steam iron is equipped with 9 preset modes which make it ideal for choosing the right temperature for your fabric.

Durable soleplate.

The soleplate is designed from stainless steel for enhanced durability and anti-scratch resistance.


For enhanced safety, this steam iron features several essential safety features, including auto-shutoff.

Final Verdict

As we conclude, we hope that the above buyer’s guide will be of great help as you look for the best steam iron that bests suits your needs.

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