Best Cordless Steam Irons Reviews & Buying Tips For Your Money

What we can benefit from the best cordless steam iron? Easy to move, compact to take, that’ why the cordless irons become so popular. Prior to this the technology for manufacturing a cordless iron that boasted performance that compared favorably with the corded variety simply didn’t exist.

Today cordless irons (including cordless steam irons) have joined toothbrushes and the handheld vacuum cleaner as the latest space-saving and stress relieving gadget that every homeowner is putting on their ‘must-have’ gizmo list.

What Is the Best Cordless Steam Iron?

Top 5 Best Cordless Steam Iron on the Market for Your Money

Photo Title Price Buy
Sunbeam Cordless or Corded Iron $46.18 Buy On Amazon
Professional Grade 1700W Steam Iron for Clothes $34.97 Buy On Amazon
Sunbeam Steammaster Steam Iron $17.10 Buy On Amazon
Sunbeam (GCSBNC-101-000) Versa Glide Cordless/Corded Iron, Black $28.95 Buy On Amazon
Maytag Speed Heat Steam Iron & Vertical Steamer $23.89 Buy On Amazon
PowerXL Cordless Iron and Steamer Deluxe $99.99 Buy On Amazon

Does the Cordless Iron Really Worth We Pay Extra Cost?

They are convenient

The cordless irons are expensive. You could probably pick up two traditional corded irons for the price of a cordless unit. But, there are certainly advantages to doing away with the power cord – and anyone who has used a cordless vacuum cleaner will quickly confirm that it’s simply more convenient.

Effectively remove wrinkles

The same applies to the cordless iron. No more cord means no more trailing nuisance to disturb those finely pressed creases in your clothing, vastly reduced possibility of wrinkles on clothing made of finer materials and an experience that is simply less frustrating.

Safer to use

And there are other advantages as well. The absence of a cord makes using a cordless iron safer in households where there are pets and small children. There’s simply less possibility of anyone tripping themselves up and receiving a hot iron to the head – which happens more often than you might think.

Perfect for delicate fabrics

So are these devices worth it? It depends on what you want out of your iron. Some models only use the cordless functionality for more delicate fabrics – for the heavier fabric you’ll need to revert back to having it plugged into a wall socket.

However, this isn’t as much of a letdown as you might think. For those delicate fabrics, the maneuverability of the cordless iron is incredible. It deals with finicky creases and pleats in half the time that it might take to get the job done with a corded iron – so the trade-off with heavier fabrics is actually worth it.

Top 3 Best Cordless Steam Iron Reviews

One of the premier manufacturers of steam irons is Panasonic – and they’re got a great range.

Products like the Panasonic 360 degree Freestyle range have quickly become consumer favorites due to the quick charge time (some models get hot enough for serious work in under ten seconds). The 360-degree range also has another neat trick up its cordless sleeve. Instead of being pointed at one end like a traditional iron it’s pointed at both ends which makes it ideal for getting through those heavy loads of ironing in next to no time – this iron really is a great buy.

Panasonic PAN-NI-WL600 360 Degree Freestyle Cordless Iron

Panasonic PAN-NI-WL600 360 Degree Freestyle Cordless Iron


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So the question remains – if you had to choose between the corded versions of the steam iron or traditional iron which one would be the ideal choice for your lifestyle? It all comes down to functionality versus cost. If you have a low budget, there is another Panasonic cordless iron under $70 for your check:

Panasonic NI-L70SR Cordless Iron

Panasonic NI-L70SR Cordless Iron


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For those who have the budget and want to save time as well as effort when it comes to ironing then a cordless iron might very well represent money extremely well spent. If you have a large household and find that you are simply being overwhelmed by the amount of ironing that you are doing then again there is definitely an argument that the cordless iron might be an excellent investment.

Cordless irons – not all means expensive. If you have a tight budget and the time to take that extra bit of care with your delicate fabrics then perhaps you should stick to a traditional iron. Or you can try this cheap price (under $40) retractable cord iron.

Sunbeam Variable Steam Control Iron with 8′ Retractable Cord

Variable Steam Control Iron with 8 inch Retractable Cord


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For more cheap price reel cord irons, click Steam Iron with Retractable Cord to find one fit your needs best. Or here for handheld travel steamers easy to ironing.

3 Pick Best Cordless Steam Irons


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